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Electrical inspections are required to comply with requirements of the Electricity Act 1998 and the Ontario Electrical Safety Code (Ontario Regulation 10/02). It is the law. All electrical installations, renovations, and alterations are required to have an electrical inspection. 

Licensed electrical inspections Mississauga Clarkson, Lorne Park, Port Credit. . 

Insurance companies quite often will require a certificate of inspection from a licensed electrician for houses with Knob and Tube or Aluminum wiring. Knob and Tube wiring in Canadian surrounding  homes built prior to 1950 and Aluminum Wiring in houses constructed after that to the mid 1970's is often a safety concern. Homes wired with aluminum wire manufactured before 1972 are 55 times more likely to have one or more connections reach Fire Hazard Conditions than are houses wired with copper. Post 1972 aluminum wire is also a concern." Our electrical company will perform-Electric safety inspection for home buyers to reduce insurance premiums -Reports for Real Estate and Insurance agents Certified by a Licensed Electrician Report could greatly reduce home owner's insurance premiums.

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Most people rarely have to go to their homes electrical panel, this piece of equipment has a crucial job. It distributes the homes electricity from outside your house to wherever you need it inside your residence. 

Every electric circuit in your home connects back to the electrical panel through a multitude of wires. You might also refer to your homes electrical panel as the circuit breaker panel or fuse box panels. Just like any other piece of equipment in your home, the electrical panel will eventually need an update or a panel replacement. Postponing the replacement can increase the risk of an electrical fire, so make sure to keep an eye out for the following signs. SIGNS THAT YOU MAY NEED TO REPLACE YOUR ELECTRICAL circuit breakers PANEL If you see the following tell tale sighs do not wait to contact a licensed electrician to inspect your electrical panel. Signs of Burning or Scorch Marks on the panel. If there are burn marks where a circuit break connects inside your panel, this could signal a serious problem. Electricity may be arcing (or jumping) over a loose connection in the panel—which is a severe fire hazard—and that arcing could be making those scorch marks. It’s also possible that your panel is undersized for your home’s power demands. 2. Melted Wires You may smell the wire insulation melting before you see it. When electrical wires melt, they can give off a burning smell or a distinctly “fishy” or urine-like odor. If the panel’s wires have melted, it doesn’t necessarily mean that something was wrong with your panel. It’s normal for the insulation to break down over time after years of heating up and cooling down. However, ruined wire insulation is a dangerous problem because it allows electricity to arc, which could eventually start a fire. 3. Panel Is Rusting If the equipment is rusting, that means water has somehow made contact with it (a roof leak, plumbing leak, etc.). Water and electricity do not mix, and the result can be extremely dangerous. Not only should you replace your panel, but you must also determine how the water damage occurred so that you can prevent the problem from happening again. 4. Flickering or Dimming Lights A momentary flicker is typically no cause for concern. However, if your lights are consistently dimming or flickering when certain appliances switch on, this is a good indication that your electrical panel is underpowered. OTHER REASONS TO REPLACE YOUR ELECTRICAL PANEL Even if your panel is not damaged or causing issues currently, we strongly recommend a replacement if any of the following circumstances apply to you. 1. Adding a New High-Powered Appliance Even if your panel has been working just fine up until now, it might now be able to take on the power demands of a new, large appliance. Most homes nowadays have 200 amps of power to work with. If you own an older home with only 60 amps or even 100 amps, you may need to upgrade your panel before you can upgrade your appliances. 2. Panel Still Has Fuses There are a few compelling reasons to upgrade your old fuse box to a circuit breaker panel: Convenience. Instead of needing to replace a fuse every time a circuit overloads, you can simply flip a switch—much easier. Money. Blown fuses must be replaced. There’s no need to replace any pieces or parts in a circuit breaker panel if something trips. Safety. There’s definite room for user error with a fuse box. Putting in a fuse with the wrong amperage can result in an electrical fire. Circuit breakers also trip faster than fuses, which can be crucial in preventing an electrical fire.


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Call us for a free no cost in home evaluation estimate on installation of an electric vehicle charging system Level 2 and level 3 in the Toronto areas. Covering Mississauga, Clarkson, Lorne Park, Port credit. 

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   Do I Need to Upgrade My Electrical Service panel for My Electric Vehicle car Charger ? Homeowners and businesses in Ontario need to prepare for a wave of new electric vehicles to hit Canadian market, many people are wondering if their home or business current electrical service will be enough to maintain their EV charging requirements down the road. It’s a good question to ask before buying an (EV) electric vehicle) or a new fleet of vehicles for your business. Let’s look at the what goes into determining if your existing electric service panel is able to maintain the additional electrical load of a new EV car charger. What to know before installing an EV charger installation in Oakville. There are 2 things to think of when knowing if your home service panel or business will be able to handle the load of your new EV charging station. Type of EV charger you buy. And your Toronto home electrical service panel or business is sized to your your total electrical load. What Is Your Existing Size of your electric service ? Finding the electrical service size in your home is the first hurdle. If you have 200-amp electrical service panel, your home is probally good for an EV charger install, as long as your existing service panel has enough space to add a new circuit for a level (2 EV car charger). If you have enough amperage, but not enough room in the entrance panel, an (ESA) licensed electrician can add a sub-panel for the EV charger installation. A Hompros licensed ESA electrician will be able to evaluate your incoming service and determine if you have the space needed in your electric panel. If by chance you only have a 60 amp service panel, you will not be able to add an EV home charger. The amperage is not able to run all your appliances as well as handle the car charging system, so upgrading to a 200 amp electrical service would be needed. If you have a 100 amp service and an electrician determines your panel is at capacity, a service panel upgrade to 200 amps would be recommended. If you have a 100 amp electrical service and a licensed ESA electrician determines that you have amperage available, it may be recommended to upgrade to 200 amp service depending on the load at your business or home. What Is Your Electrical Load In Your House Like? A level 2 EV charger in Toronto can quickly utilize the majority of a 100-amp service to charge a vehicle (Tesla EV batteries will need 24 to 42 amps. A home with 100-amp service and electric appliances may experience flickering lights and frequent breaker trips because of the high electrical load of an home EV charger. This is especially important for future considerations like an additional household electric vehicle or to accommodate visitor EVs. Service Panel Upgrade A 200 amp service panel is highly recommended for installation of a home EV charger (Electric car charger). Although a 100-amp service could be capable of handling a new EV charger, it may test the limits of your home electrical systems. The average home built more than 20 years ago will have a 100 amp service or even a 60 amp panel), most new homes now a days are built to ESA code with a 200-amp electrical service. Contact Us for EV Charger Installation and electric vehicle car charging stations and business chargers. If you’re ready to install an EV car charger in your home, our licensed electricians are here to help with the Toronto electicical permit and completion of an ESA approved system in the GTA areas. We can help you choose the right location for your EV charger as it is an important decision to make since it will be permanent once installed. Our licensed eletricians will evaluate your home electrical system to make sure of the capacity and its installation safety. Our electrical Company can install a whole home surge protection system to maintain and protect all the electrical components in your home. ev charger installation ontario cost to install ev charger at home canada ev charger installation mississauga ev charger installation rebate ontario ev charger installation toronto Finding an ESA LICENSED Electrician Home charging stations for cars have the same electrical requirements like a clothes dryer or a kitchen stove 240 Volts - 30 Amps;and any Oakville licensed electrician can do the installation. The up front cost to install an EV charging station can vary dramatically from home to business and we advise having an ESA ont, certified electricians visit and evaluate your property to provide a proper installation quote, or choose a charging system that includes hardware and a professional installation .

Residential home EV Charger Level 2 Installations in Mississauga, Burlington, Etobicoke , Toronto, Oakville Ontario.  Licensed electricians ESA 

If you reside in Mississauga Ont. and reguire an installation of a home EV car charger or electric vehicle charging station for your Mississauga business installed we can help with that as well.

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If you are in need of a licensed electrician for an ev charger installation, look no further. We are one of the best electric car charging installation companies in the greater GTA. Call us for a free estimate on the cost of a level 2 charger install for your home. We also do EV charging station repairs and can help with the electric car charger installation rebates. EV charger installs in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Milton.     best free website hit counter